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Family law is an emotionally-charged area that requires lawyers who are sensitive to the nature of domestic relations issues and their impact on all affected parties, especially children. 

The family law team at the Eaton Law Firm is among the most experienced and respected.  Our staff concentrates its practice in family law.  Our lead attorney possesses more than fifteen years of experience.  Practicing throughout the State of Georgia, we have developed an extensive domestic relations practice.

We help our clients with the full range of domestic relations issues, including: divorce, child custody and parenting time, pre-marital and post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, spousal maintenance and child support, paternity and interstate and international family law matters. We are particularly experienced in resolving property division, child support and visitation disputes. Our objective is always to help our customers solve problems, not create or exacerbate them.  

Whenever possible, we encourage out-of-court settlements.  Our experience shows that most contested cases can be settled effectively in this way. When litigation is necessary, however, our clients benefit from our team's extensive experience in state courts and private mediation.  In complex divorce cases, our customers can rest assured that our team has in-depth knowledge of the laws related to child custody and property issues as well as related areas of law   

Among our areas of family law expertise are:

  • Advising it and handling divorces, including issues regarding property, paternity, child and spousal support (alimony).
  • Representing a wide range of customers, including professionals, entertainers, retired members of the Armed Forces, stay at home parents and very successful entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals.
  • Resolving Disputes in which a parent has improperly taken a child to another jurisdiction and child custody relocation cases.
  • Negotiating and enforcing prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements involving business assets, gifted and inherited property, comingled assets and retirement accounts.
  • Advising on the division of pensions, profit-sharing plan, and employee stock option plans.
  • Representing unmarried couples in resolving issues concerning the custody of children and division of property.
  • Negotiating and drafting cohabitation agreements to define the rights of the parties residing together.