Rules for Men

Experence has taught me some basic rules for men - rules that, when broken, lead to dire consequences:

  • DO NOT let your child's mother find out about another woman.  If you think she is angry now, just wait until she finds out about a new girlfriend.   Don't think that, just because she has remarried and had several children with her new husband, she will not care.  She will.  While this may sound paranoid, I've seen it too many times not to issue a warning.  
  • The second rule is simpler: if you don't have a receipt for child support, you didn't pay. Keep those receipts forever.   Same goes for all other court-ordered payments.
  • Keep a log of your time with the kids.
  • DO NOT sign papers hoping to show your wife/girlfriend how much you love her - this is a recipe for being taken advantage of.  
  • Don't sign yourself up for child support.  This won't give you any more rights to see the children, just a way to end up in jail.  You can always give your child's mother money.